A down-to-earth, generous human experience. A harmonious gathering of materials, people and space. You are humbled by the semi-abandoned panettone factory, and by the raw but refined materials within. This is the past and the present. To host is to celebrate and food is the oldest way to socialize. This is the anti-digital.
A six-day concept caffè By Lambert & Fils x
DWA Design Studio for Fuorisalone   2019.

Alcova, Via Popoli Uniti  1113, Milan
Open to the public April  914,  2019 from  11am to  7pm.

Lambert & Fils and DWA Design Studio present Caffè Populaire: a six-day concept caffè. The duo transforms Milan’s Alcova, a defunct panettone factory, reimagining it as a multisensory space filled with installations from a collective of international design studios. Lambert & Fils showcases two new contemporary lighting collections: Sainte and Hutchison. Together, these dramatic forms fill the lofty rooms and create a conversation of opposites.
DWA is a Milan design studio founded in 2005 by Frederik De Wachter and Alberto Artesani. The dialogue of the studio moves across the worlds of design, fashion and living—ranging from interior and exhibition design, retail, art direction and product research.

From large to small, and from container to content, the studio explores how identity can reinvent objects and free them from their ordinary functions. Mixing high and low, simple and complex, minimalism and abundance, DWA designs private and public spaces in which to live, relax and share—created from a new alphabet of living.
Lambert & Fils is a design studio specializing in handmade lighting, founded by Samuel Lambert and based in Montreal, Canada. Centred around preserving the bond between design and making, all lighting is conceived, designed and hand-assembled in the Lambert & Fils atelier in the heart of Montreal.

One of the country’s most energized hubs for collaborative design, Lambert & Fils contributes to art and design installations internationally and in 2019, launched Corridor, a public exhibitions space in Montreal. Like the studio itself, these explorations trace where the unexpected meets the universally poetic—and where humility meets complex design.
Hutchison is the thoughtful study of soft curves and hard lines—a rivalry of vertical and horizontal forces and a play of scale and repetition. Alone, it self-defines as a frank, decorative pendant light. In multiples, it evokes the iconic patterns of Middle Eastern archways and Roman terracotta roofs.

Each lamp is composed of an aluminum base with a textured, matte finish. Prominent suspension wires made from waxed cotton contrast the dense horizontal base—an interplay of mass and lightness, stirring a collective memory of archetypal forms. On display for the first time at Caffè Populaire.
Sainte is a collection about the forces that anchor us—a suspension light in dialogue with gravity. Streamlined yet impactful, Sainte reimagines the archetypal rectangle in layered, colourful glass—an elegant mass floating in space and supported by robust nylon straps.

What began as a Lambert & Fils team project developed into a year-long collaboration between founder Samuel Lambert and the studio’s former lead designer Rachel Bussin.

A dance of contrasting materials and an equilibrium of opposing powers, the Sainte Collection debuts at Caffè Populaire during Fuorisalone 2019.
Custom furniture for Caffè Populaire is provided by Italian manufacturer Mariotti Fulget, designed in collaboration with DWA Design Studio. The custom U-table is made of pre-cast slabs of Silipol fragments—a revolutionary ecological material composed of compressed marble and granite dust—for an exquisite palladiana effect. The circular bar is a combination of white and green terrazzo.
Founded in France in 1768 and family-run to this day, Revol is an institution in handcrafted culinary porcelain. Vessels from their 250-anniversary collection Caractère will be presented throughout Caffè Populaire in white and cardamom.
Mercury Bureau designs focused, sculptural objects that create complexity with the simplest means. At Caffè Populaire, communal tables will be decorated with pieces from the PEBBLE & the STONE collection—an edition of bronze flora blocks created in collaboration with Toronto florist, Flùr.
ALMA is a short type of pasta developed by Milanese creative studio Casalinghe di Tokyo and designer Chiara Andreatti. This limited edition pasta explores the unlikely possibility of saying something new about the most popular food in the world. ALMA is available at Dinner Populaire during Fuorisalone—the sexiest thing you can have for supper.
Antoine is a new brand of architectural finishes designed to create textured, natural-looking surfaces with minimal impact on the environment. Surfaces throughout Caffè Populaire are treated with Antoine finishes, including a large backdrop in Lime Plaster, and a dramatic red and tactile green applied to the base of the communal table and surrounding seats.
Founded in 2008 following the Merger Act between the Cantina Sociale Intercomunale of Broni S.C.A.R.L, the union of Terre d’Oltrepò has given rise to the most important vine-growing and wine-producing company in the whole of Oltrepò Pavese and north-western Italy. Terre d’Oltrepò generously provides Caffè Populaire's guests with a beautiful selection of wines.